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About Credai Gwalior

The exponential real estate growth in Gwalior in the last couple of decades, has been instrumental in the formation of a representative body of developers and builders –CREDAI GWALIOR (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India - Gwalior).

All these factors necessitated the formation of CREDAI GWALIOR that could suggest and implement rules and regulations to:
•    Enable Desired Industry Growth
•    Ensure Appropriate Industry Conduct
•    Safeguard Beneficiary Interests


To perpetuate an ethical code of conduct, which is self-imposed and mandatory for all the member developers/builders of CREDAI GWALIOR and to maintain integrity and transparency in the profession of real estate development.

  • To represent the overall interests of developers / builders in Gwalior by engaging in regular dialogue and representation with concerned authorities, on policy or regulation-related issues.

  • To create a platform for developers/builders to work together in concert, towards improving the quality of development and construction related activities, by sharing efficiency ideas, and eventually work towards sustainable constructions.

  • To disseminate data, statistics and other related real estate development information to its members.

  • To promote the interest of construction workers and to educate them on best practices.

  • To provide a transparent platform for property purchasers, sellers and housing finance agencies; and to address grievances in a timely fashion.

  • To be the Knowledge Bank for all Property related enquiries in Gwalior.